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This section has been set up to support professionals working with children and young people in an education setting. The information has been provided by Primary Mental Health Workers (PMHWs) from across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

The PMHW Service aims to promote inter-agency work across all sectors including schools, GP practices, Early Support and Voluntary Service Providers. PMHWs are a point of contact within the CAMHS team, offering support and advice regarding the emotional wellbeing of children and young people (CYP). They can offer advice on referrals, implement pathways of support and provide information about other services available to CYP.

There are training courses specific to individual topics available from the pages below.

In each of the topic pages below, you can:

  • Find information and guidance about that topic, to learn more about it.
  • Use the lists of apps, videos and books to learn more about the topic or to show/recommend to CYP and their families.
  • Utilise the e-resources that are split into three sections:
  1. Tools and resources that you can use to support CYP e.g. in the school/classroom.
  2. Self-help materials that you can share with CYP you work with and their families.
  3. Lists of online places where you can signpost CYP, parents/carers/families to for support.
  • Discover what training is available in your area.
  • Email your local PMHW for further help or advice.

Please note: all resources were correct at the time of uploading. These resources are reviewed twice a year and updated accordingly. If you notice any issues with the content on this website, please let us know by completing our feedback form


Engagement plan for the 2022 - 2023 school year

Kooth offers a guideline for accessing their services over the school year.

View and download the engagement plan here.

mental health family hour logo

Mental Health Family Hour

Welcome to the Mental Health Family Hour. A collaboration between Sam Tyrer, Mental Health Nurse and founder of the school education initiative Change Talks and Dave Cottrell, Mental Health First Aider, Awareness Campaigner and Mindset Coach. Where each week we deliver an hour of PHSE style education around Mental Health, only instead of in school Live on the internet and for families and teachers as well as the kids.

Watch the episodes on YouTube here (opens in new window)

MH Map CYP image.png

Interactive map of mental health services

Health organisations in Lancashire and South Cumbria have worked together to develop this interactive map of mental health services. The Google Maps based system lists all the organisations working locally, and allows you to search for your closest service or for specific types of support, to help you get appropriate care.

You can filter the map to just show services for children and young people. Explore the mental health services map here


Swivel: Kooth resources for professionals

The Kooth Promotion Hub, Swivel, contains lots of promotional assets for Kooth, Kooth Student and Qwell. 

Visit Swivel and start downloading resources here (opens in new window)

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