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Crisis workshop feedback

Co-production event: Crisis - 2nd May 2018 - Lancaster and Morecambe College

Attendees: 40

Themes from conversations

  • Be person centred – recognising and accepting individuals
  • Being taken seriously and being heard
  • Third sector being joined up
  • School – coping strategies and prevention
  • Support for families children and young people and schools in a range of ways - listening
  • Location - where services are delivered
  • Joined up services around the young person
  • Families – skills development for support
  • Young people – support in a variety of ways and settings; with a variety of people
  • I will tell you when I am in crisis
  • All services being joined up and talking to each other
  • Earlier access and interventions with Children and young people to develop resilience

What people want to see changed

  • Be more inclusive
  • Getting rid of criteria
  • Change the culture
  • Better equipped staff - training
  • Support being available/offered where children and young people are comfortable
  • Longer term support with the same person
  • Waiting times are too long
  • Knowing where to go for help

If you have feedback you would like to contribute or require any further information, please contact Healthy Young Minds by emailing