Access Workshop Feedback

Co-production event: Access - 9th May 2018 - Aspired Futures Blackpool

Attendees: 40

Themes from conversations

  • Communication - inter-organisation communication and communication of services available
  • Training - for teachers and problem solving skills for children and young people
  • Waiting times - to access appointments and support
  • Consistency - seeing the same members of staff and provision (postcode lottery)
  • Environment - community venues, neutral ground
  • Volunteering - young people want to volunteer and support eachother
  • Whole family support - including understanding families practical needs which may prevent access to services
  • Co-production - co-produced care at all levels, equal partners in own care

What people want to see changed

  • Waiting times
  • Earlier support
  • Choice/flexibility of venue
  • Raising awareness of mental health
  • Practical solutions for problems access appointments - e.g. too quick to discharge
  • Fragmentation within and between services- lack of care coordination
  • Children and young people not being equipped with resilience and self help skills
  • Lack of options to access
  • CAMHS seen as the only source of help
  • Lack of ongoing support
  • Name of CAMHS creates a barrier
  • Ability to share information between agencies
  • Lack of information around options and what help is out there

If you have feedback you would like to contribute or require any further information, please contact Healthy Young Minds by emailing

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