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27th February 2019

One of our local children and young people has composed some poetry that we want to share. Megan, who is 14, is currently using the services at Galaxy House and wrote these poems during her stay there.


These Wings of Mine

I have a chemical imbalance in my brain,

Which causes me a lot of pain,

This is not a choice,

Mental illness has stripped me from my voice,

It stole my quality of life,

It’s even nearly taken my life forever,

This chemical imbalance has pushed me to the very end of my tether.

The frustration, pain and tears

I am living my own worst fears,

I have told myself just to get on with it,

But this has broken me bit by bit,

What do you do when your own worst enemy is your mind?

The thoughts are not kind

Things were so unbearably bad

However, society had told me that I was just mad,

All because of my biology

Yet I had to pay a massive fee,

I was at an all-time low,

It’s time for this chemical imbalance to go,

I fight each day,

Trying to get by some way.

I may have won the battle, but I am still to win the war.



You tell me to talk, but never listen,

Why does my opinion never get absorbed,

You nod your head and write what I say

But only the parts that don’t really matter

I scream and shout and try to let it all out

But what’s the point?

When all you do is ask the same questions of the same script

You get to tick your box, fill out your form

Done your job which you’re paid for

But at the end of the day I leave the room feeling the same way.

Until you find the one, the one who listens,

Goes the extra mile

Goes past their job description

Goes to any lengths

Who really cares

There, then is when I can finally take down the front and finally breathe.

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