Redesign of CYP services for mental health and emotional wellbeing

31st October 2018

Following on from the first phase of co-production around the redesign of child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS), an evaluation session was held on Thursday 6 September at Moor Lane Mills in Lancaster. A presentation was given from the Care Partnership team to members of the evaluation panels about the proposed new model of care.

The role of these panels was to take an objective look (so none of the members had been involved in the co-production events) at the work undertaken so far by the Care Partnership (which is made up of the four CAMHS providers in Lancashire and South Cumbria) and assess how well the model matched the brief given and the objectives that needed to be achieved.

The panels had a wide range of representation from a variety of stakeholders including carers, family members, children, young people, education professionals, third sector and Local Authorities. During the evaluation session, the panels considered the presentation from the Care Partnership and how the proposed changes might look in practice. Each panel was encouraged to give objective feedback in order to inform the decision-making.

The outcome of the evaluation panels was that the Care Partnership were given the go ahead to progress to the development if the full new model of care, governance and business processes to support the model and the transition and implementation planning for the new model.

Work is currently underway designing how the second phase of co-production will be carried out. Feedback from the first phase will form a fundamental part of how the second phase will be undertaken, ensuring that we build upon the areas of good practice whilst taking on board the feedback received about how to improve co-production across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Further opportunities to be involved will be shared in the future.

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