Mental Health and Wellbeing at The Rose School, Burnley

31st October 2018

Mental Health and Wellbeing at The Rose School, Burnley.JPGThe Rose is a ‘special school’ for pupils aged 11-16 with significant social, emotional and mental health issues (SEMH). They provide permanent places for over 60 pupils, many of  whom have been diagnosed with autism and ADHD. The pupils suffer from higher than normal levels of stress, aggression, anxiety and depression and a small number are known to frequently abuse drugs and alcohol; several are ‘looked after’ children.

The school has adopted the AMBIT (Adaptive Mentalisation-Based Integrative Treatment) approach. They provide tools for putting mentalisation to use in work with pupils, families, carers, team colleagues and wider inter-agency networks. It is a truly inclusive and empathetic methodology designed to support excellence and is as much a framework for localised service improvement as it is a fixed method of therapy. Training in this approach
has been provided by the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. On a daily basis, the AMBIT workers liaise with, advise, help and assist all of those who are or who are about to become closely involved in the lives the pupils at The Rose. They constantly and consistently advocate for our pupils.


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