Grosvenor Park Primary School and their fight against COVID-19 worries

27th March 2020

Mental health and emotional wellbeing are really important to everyone at Grosvenor Park, which is why they have a full-time Pastoral Learning Mentor in school. Although, like all schools across the country, the primary school is closed except for children of key workers, they are still able to offer support and advice. Since the outbreak, the school have set up a webpage on their school website, which they are using to connect with their pupils. Stef Rigby, Grosvenor’s Learning Mentor, has created an online space called ‘Keep Calm and Relax with Mrs Rigby’. On there she is posting relaxation videos, that she would be doing in her sessions if they were at school, for the children to follow at home.

She is also posting daily affirmations through Twitter. Affirmations are an important part of Mrs Rigby’s sessions. She says, “The children understand that the repetition of these positive words sink into their subconscious mind, allowing their mind to believe them and their body to respond. Eventually, it becomes a reality and their own truth. Positive affirmations have helped some of our children overwrite limiting and negative beliefs, replacing them with positive, powerful thoughts which allow them to feel better both mentally and emotionally.” Follow the links to view all the relaxation videos available on their website and their Twitter feed.

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