Avoiding Admissions update

28th June 2019

In our last newsletter, we featured an article from Lancashire Mind and their Together Workshops. Following on from this, Lancashire Mind have been approached to attend an event in London in June, to discuss new resources to support the parents of young people with mental health problems.

Association for Young People’s Health invited Mind to the event after their great work with the workshops, which focused on supporting families with children who have accessed in hospital mental health services or are at risk of doing so. The Together Workshops, which are now available across Lancashire and South Cumbria, are an opportunity for families to learn skills and spend time with others who are going through many of the same challenges. The support package explores how to look after the wellbeing of the child and the whole family, which is an important aspect of caring for a child with poor mental health.

Congratulations to Mind and we look forward to hearing more after the event!


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