AMBIT Trainers Launch Day

8th January 2020

The AMBIT approach (Adaptive Mentalization-Based Integrative Treatment) consists of four areas: client, networks, team and learning at work and is a framework for local improvement and learning as well as a unitary and fixed method of therapy. AMBIT stresses the need for local adaptation, and the sharing of emerging evidence and best practice.

In essence, AMBIT is about maintaining curiosity, avoiding assumptions or rigid thinking and promoting relationship building by holding in mind the other person, be that a client, a colleague or a partner colleague, then reflecting and adapting any learning to the local context.

Clients that have multiple and complex needs (for example SEND or children in the care system) are the type of clients that AMBIT was designed to help, as these young people’s needs are often more complex and come with anxiety for professionals with lots of people involved in the family. So the framework and tools are designed to promote mentalizing and in doing so, promote relationship building, understanding and more integrated working.

In 2020 the roll out of AMBIT training to further professionals is planned. If you would be interested in accessing this training, are part of the CYP workforce and are based in Lancashire or South Cumbria, please contact Ruth Threlfall via to be put in touch with one of your local trainers.

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