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Transitions workshop feedback

Co-production event: Transitions - 14th May 2018 - Leyland

Attendees: 33 

Themes from conversations

  • Age range up to 16 in some cases; 18/25 for others (including VCFS)
  • Unclear when transitioning should start
  • Referrals at age 15 are told there is no point in CAMHS seeing them
  • Referral decisions should include parents/carers as families are still responsible for them
  • Parents/carers want to be involved in decisions about their care
  • There needs to be clear communication about transition between services and parents/carers
  • Young people do not wish to keep telling their stories over and over again
  • People feel dis-empowered - CAMHS not wanting to let go
  • Adult mental health services (AMHS) not wanting to work with Children and Young People (CYP)
  • Parents/carers want to stay involved but cannot 'navigate the system'
  • Long Waiting Lists for AMHS
  • Training needed for AMH staff to work with 16-18 year olds - wasn’t focus of workers' training or ongoing CPD
  • Based upon chronological age, not based up young person's maturity or need
  • Tension around managing adults with severe MH needs/crisis and managing CYP
  • Signposting - needs to be able to give accurate and correct information

What people want to see changed

  • Information to make more informed choices
  • 14-25 window to be flexible about choices
  • Good pathway to transition
  • Not to tell the story every time
  • Equal systems to be used
  • Consistent prescribing
  • Thresholds across adult services within CAMHS
  • Consistent policies between services
  • Better knowledge between CAMHS and AMHS - staff meetings to share knowledge
  • Prepare young people and parents/carers earlier
  • Workforce skill competencies

What would a good transition look like?

  • Flexibility of age
  • Good preparation
  • Cross system support - YP and parents/carers should be seamless without the need to involve them in 'policies and finance'
  • Opportunities to get things right before transition
  • Continuity of care
  • Design services around the individual to meet their needs
  • Person enabled to self navigate
  • Know that what is said will happen
  • Awareness of choices along the way
  • Help other young people with their transition

If you have feedback you would like to contribute or require any further information, please contact Healthy Young Minds by emailing