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Calling all children and young people across Lancashire and South Cumbria!

28th May 2019

Would you like to have your work featured on our website?

Maybe you’d like to share your story?

Of course you would, and why wouldn’t you? You can share with us anything you like about your mental health or perhaps how you’ve been supporting a friend or family member with theirs. It could be a video about your experiences, a poem on your thoughts, or an animation to express how you feel… Basically, anything you want that explains how you feel, what helps you, what experiences you’ve had or anything you think might help other children and young people.

We all need support for our emotional wellbeing and mental health and we want to hear what you have to say about it!

Everything will be featured on your section of our website at:

As this is your opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and advice about mental health, the way you display these is entirely up to you and your creative juices.

You could use this chance to inspire others to think about mental health and wellbeing; you may have some top tips that other people could really benefit and learn from.

So, back to what you could create…

… How about a short video on your mental health experience?

… A song about what you do to stay well?

… A painting of how you help your friends stay well?

… A gif about how talking therapy helped you?

… A poem about the effects of bullying?

… A blog with you sharing your experience and knowledge?

… An animation about exam stress?

These are only suggestions to get you thinking. The options are endless.

You can create something on your own or as part of a team - whatever works best for you.

Your website is a safe place, where no idea is better than another. What works for one person and their mental health and emotional wellbeing might not be the same for someone else but that’s OK as we are all different and entirely unique. Being one of kind is great and we want to celebrate this on your website.

If you want to submit something to be featured, please send it to Remember to get permission from anyone if they can be identified in your work or from their parent/guardian if they are aged under 16 (email us if you would like a consent form sending to you). If you would like a chat about any of the above, please give us a call on 01772 214061.

If you have some serious content creation goals and would like to be part of our design army, join us by emailing or calling us using the details above.

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